Solid Wood (Staircase / Flooring / Skirting)

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Merbau - Staircase / Flooring / Skirting
Merbau is a coarse textured, yellowish to orange brown when freshly, a little darken to reddish brown when it oxidized and aged. The grain is straight to interlocked or wavy producing an attractive, ribbon figure on radial surfaces. Pores usually contain water soluble yellowish deposits which are conspiciousnon wood suface.

Burmese Teak - Staircase / Flooring / Skirting
Burmese Teak wood has a characteristic of golden-brown colour. The freshly machined surface can be remaricably variable in colour with unsight- ly blothes ans streaks, but after a short period of exposure it tones down to the golden-brown shade. The wood contains an oleo-resin and has an odor.

American White Oak - Staircase/Flooring / Skirting
A popular timber for flooring due to its interesting and pronounced grain pattern, American White Oak is also a species that takes stain extremely well, meaning that a multitude of colours can be achieved with little fuss.

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